It’s currently been 7 months since the Gear Heads had to shut down last March after barely missing CVR, so what have we been up to? I’m proud to say that the Gear Heads have not stayed stagnant during these hard, lonely times. We’ve been building an FTC robot, holding workshops for our subteams, hosting weekly team meetings for a variety of topics, Arduino classes, and weekly leadership meetings. We’ve also completely moved out of our previous lab during this period, leaving ourselves temporarily homeless with current COVID-19 restrictions. Our registration for the 2020 FRC season is also complete, giving our newer students a small taste of what robotics normally looks like and keeping our veterans engaged. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to start looking at newer equipment and provide free robotics kits and services for our members. Additionally, we’re also going to be hosting a series of career panels from mentors, parents, and alumni to give our students a better feel for what career choices they can make. So overall, even when presented with the hardest year the Gear Heads have faced, we’ve taken on the challenge of staying positive and staying busy!

Part of the Arduino classes to bring physical robots to the homes of all Gear Heads
Building the FTC robot, just a drivetrain for now
Panorama of the lab move out effort
Getting everything together and inventoried for temporary storage
The CNC in its new home



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