Bricks for the Future (FLL Summer Camp)

Starting in 2022, the Gear Heads have hosted a week long summer camp teaching 40 students ranging from 4th- 8th grade about how to build and program a robot. Campers engage in a game challenge, partaking in activities that require team building and presentation skills. They also create innovative solutions for the challenge, learning from their mistakes and celebrating their wins. We hope to continue inspiring students and parents to form FLL Challenge teams, increasing their creativity and interest towards First Robotics. This year, we’re hosting 3 weeks of camp (Beginner, All-Girls, and Advanced)! 

Career Panels

We are excited to share our Career Panel series, where students have opportunities to learn about experiences in the workforce from a variety of our community members! We have been hosting a panel about once a month since 2020! Check out what assortment of careers our community has and hear about some of their personal experiences. Though we have recorded panels, keep an eye out for our future live panels, where you can get the chance to ask them questions live on YouTube. Follow us for more updates!

Farmer’s Market

Our outreach team attends Campbell Farmer’s Market regularly to share our love for robotics and connect with our community! It’s awesome to meet so many interested kids, families and FIRST community members!

Middle School Visits

As a yearly tradition, we visit our local middle schools, including Moreland Middle School, Easterbrook Discovery School, Discovery Charter School, and Latimer, in hopes to inspire them into STEM and become a part robotics in the near future. We usually show off our newest bot, describing how it works, how it was built, and how our team operates. 

CodeFoundations (Java Workshops)

Our software team is delighted to teach middle schoolers Java programming at an introductory level! Our mission is to connect with middle schoolers to foster interest in software for robotics! We use the Java coding language in our robots and strive to prepare middle schoolers with this skill and encourage participation in a robotics team in high school. Wherever they go to school, they will be able to tackle the software challenges with confidence.

Arduino Classes

Open to students in 6th-8th grade, 2813’s student led Arduino classes are a way for middle school students to get an early taste of the skills they would learn on the team and to learn more about electronics and building their own circuits. Students receive training and get to learn about parts, their functions, and design the projects that come with the Arduino kits.

Bits & Blocks: Fun with Microbits

This is our new micro:bits fall class, open to students in 6th-8th grade! This is an introductory class to block coding and circuit boards. Students work in pairs to explore the abilities of micro:bits and program their own circuit board controlled mini-car!