FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC)

Each year, teams of high school students and mentors work during a six-week period to build robots capable of competing in that year’s game that weigh up to 125 pounds (57 kg). Robots complete tasks such as scoring balls into goals, placing inner tubes onto racks, hanging on bars, and balancing robots on balance beams. The game, along with the required set of tasks, changes annually. Click on each year’s game video to see how the game was played!

2022 – Rapid React (Off-season)

Playground Monke

Dimensions: 28”x26”x24”

Weight: 60lbs

Drive Train: Swerve

Robot Abilities: Upper Hub Shot, Lower Hub Fender Shot, Defense

Off-Season: Semifinalist ranked 33 out of 36 at Calgames and Quarterfinalists ranked 19 out of 46 at Madtown Throwdown!

2022 – Rapid React

Wade Jones

Dimensions: 30″ x 28″ x 38″

Weight: ~111 lbs

Drive Train: West Coast

Robot Abilities: Upper Hub shot, Lower Hub Fender Shot, Traverse Climb (<25 seconds)

We were Quarterfinalists at Ventura Regional with a rank of 11 out of 40 and Semifinalsists at Monterey Bay Regional with a rank of 11 out of 36!

Off-season: Chezy Champs WINNER, CalGames Finalists and Alliance Captain

2020/2021 – Infinite Recharge 

Doom Turtle

Dimensions: 32″ x 27″ x 44.9″ 

Weight: ~117 lbs

Drive Train: West Coast

Robot Abilities: Inner port, climb

Competition Season cancelled

Off-season: Rank 4th at CalGames

2021 FTC – Ultimate Goal


Dimensions: 17.75”x17.5”x13.25”

Weight: Light

Drive Train: West Coast

Robot AbilitiesWobble Goal, Powershot, up to High goal

Rank 10 at NorCal Sacramento Qualifying Tournament, Rank 12 NorCal FTC Daly City Qualifying Tournament, Awarded the Collins Aerospace Innovation Award

2019 – Deep Space (Off-season)


Dimensions: 23.75 x 24 x 36.75”

Weight: ~35 lbs!!!

Drive Train: West Coast

Robot Abilities: Cargo and Hatch Panels on Cargo Ship and Level 1 Rocket

We ranked 31 at MadTown Throwdown

2019 – Deep Space

Blue Shift

Dimensions: 23.75″ x 24″ x 36.75”

Weight: ~100 lbs

Drive Train: West Coast

Robot Abilities: Hatch Panels up to level 3 on the Rocket and on Cargo Ship, Climbing up to Hab level 3

We ranked 4th at Central Valley Regional and were on the Roebling Division at Houston Championships